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Janet Burroway, awarded the Florida Humanities Council's 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award in Writing, is the author of eight novels, plays, poetry, essays, texts for dance, and children's books. Her Writing Fiction : A Guide to Narrative Craft (ninth edition), is the most widely used creative writing text in America, and her multi-genre Imaginative Writing is out in a fourth edition. Her most recent novel is Bridge of Sand (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2009; Hopcyn Press, London, 2013), and her play Medea With Child was produced in 2010 by Sideshow Theatre Company in Chicago. Her memoir Losing Tim (Think Piece Publishing) came out in 2014. She is at work on a musical adaptation of Barry Unsworth's novel Morality Play and a play, Headshots. She is Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor Emerita of the Florida State University. She and her husband Peter Ruppert divide their time between Wisconsin and Chicago.


Feb. 4: Raw Silk (Open Road Media)

Janet Burroway's critically acclaimed novel, which The New Yorker hailed as "enormously enjoyable" and Newsweek as "a novel of rare and lustrous quality," is the story of a woman whose unraveling marriage sends her on a personal odyssey halfway around the world to Japan. Read more about Raw Silk at Open Road Media; purchase there or at all major online outlets.

Feb. 28: Writing Fiction, ninth edition (Pearson)

The new ninth edition of Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft includes a dozen new short stories, an expanded section on genre fiction and magic realism, new revision examples and an appendix on Literary Professionalism.

"the best such book on the market"
     --James L. Marra, Temple University

Feb. 28: Imaginative Writing: The Elements of Craft, fourth edition (Pearson Longman, Penguin Academics, 2014)

The fourth edition of Imaginative Writing: The Elements of Craft has new examples in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and drama as well as new and expanded "Try This" exercises and an expanded discussion of poetry, with prompts for poetic development.

"Burroway's writing is lucid, charming, confident and convincing. Students find her explanations clear and her examples strongly linked to the explanations."
     --Jill Allen, Florida Gulf Coast University

March 1:  A Story Larger Than My Own: Women Writers Look Back at Their Lives and Careers (University of Chicago Press)

In A Story Larger than My Own, Janet Burroway brings together essays and poems by nineteen accomplished women, all now over the age of sixty, who challenged the status quo and paved the way for future generations of writers. Taken together, their stories offer advice from experience to writers at all stages of their careers and serve as a collective memoir of a truly remarkable cohort of women.

"A Story Larger than My Own is an essential book, for women writers, for all writers, for readers, for people with mothers, for people who remember their mothers."
     --Cris Mazza, author of Something Wrong with Her

April 7: Losing Tim: The Life and Death of an American Contractor in Iraq (Think Piece Publishing.)

"I cannot express my gratitude to Ms. Burroway for writing this soul-searching book, a comfort to no one yet a blessing for all, or express my sorrow for the children we Americans sent to survive as best they could a dishonorable and unnecessary war."
     --Bob Shacochis, National Book Award recipient, author of The Woman Who Lost Her Soul

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Barney Bros. Circus is on the road—but when their truck gets stuck on the railroad track, what will they do? Will the Cook shriek? Will the Imp stamp? Will the Grump thump? What if the train comes clakkity-clakking?!

You can order through Barnes & Noble or Amazon, but it'll be cheaper if you get it from me (Softcover $15, hardcover $20, plus postage—no handling charge) and I'll inscribe it as you wish. Please contact me at and send me your address, inscription, and what copy or copies you would like.

Pig is unhappy. He's not perfect. He's pink and plump and has none of the perfectly magnificent fur, fins, tails or horns of the other animals. All his friends offer to give him their best features… but does that make him a more perfect pig?

The Giant Jam Sandwich, The Truck on the Track and The Perfect Pig have all been scored for orchestra by composer Philip Wharton and performed by the Iowa City String Orchestra under the direction of Carey Bostian.